Simultaneous interpreting during the 2012 Communication Forum held in Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome, in June 2012

Traduzione consecutiva

Consecutive interpreting during the meeting of Mayor Gianni Alemanno with Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs Gombojav Zandanshatar (photo by Claudio Valletti, June 2010).

Giornata mazziniana

Whispering interpreting for Mrs. Nora Mayper who handed over some letters by Giuseppe Mazzini to Undersecretary Gianni Lettaas part of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification (video by Rai Educational, March 2011).

Interpretariato di trattativa

Liaison interpreting during a meeting of European Commissioner for Agriculture Dacian Cioloş with a Fedagri Confcooperative delegation (photo by Fedagri Confcooperative, November 2011).

Interpreting is a translation service provided verbally by one or more interpreters in different ways, depending on the type of event for which translation is needed, the possible use of equipment such as booths and headphones, the number of people requiring translation and event schedule.


Simultaneous translation is provided while the speaker talks and requires the use of equipment such as booths for interpreters and headsets for listeners. It usually implies the presence of at least two interpreters per booth per language, in order to allow for appropriate turnover.


In consecutive interpreting the speaker enunciates a few sentences or concepts and then waits for the interpreter to translate them for the audience. The interpreter usually takes notes and then translates to the listeners. Booths and headphones are not necessary.


As the name suggests, in this interpreting technique the interpreter sits next to or behind the person(s) (ideally no more than two or three) who need(s) translation and actually “whispers” the translation into their ears as the speaker talks. It is a sort of simultaneous interpreting which, however, does not require the use of booths and headsets.

Liaison interpreting

Liaison interpreting is mainly used for business-to-business negotiations or discussions between different delegations at trade shows, formal or informal meetings. In this technique, translation can be whispered to one of the parties or translated consecutively after the speech of either party, depending on how and where the event is taking place.


In the interest of good comprenhension by the audience – and hence of a successful event – it is advisable to provide the interpreter with as much information as possible about how the event will take place, the topics being discussed and speakers involved, so that the interpreter can be adequately prepared. Just like in written translation, knowledge of the topic is a key factor for ensuring service quality. This is why it is paramount to study carefully the subject matter before any assignment. I will be happy to answer any questions on the different interpreting techniques, choice of most appropriate technique for a scheduled event, quotes and provide any other information.


The main events in which I took part as an interpreter in the last few years include:


  • European Mushroom Growers Group General Assembly 2012, at Coldiretti, Rome
  • Eataly Rome Press Tour opening
  • World Farmers Organization Press Conference at CNEL, Rome
  • Communication Forum 2012 at Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome
  • XVIth National Congress of the Italian Psychoanalytical Society, La Sapienza University, Rome
  • IED Talking with Ruedi Baur, at European Institute of Design, Rome
  • IED Talking with fashion designer Iris van Herpen at MAXXI Museum, Rome
  • ECR 2012 B2B meetings, Vienna
  • IED Talking with Graham Hudson, at MACRO Museum, Rome
  • Lecture by architect Jean-Marc Bustamante, at MACRO Museum, Rome


  • CEPOL training course on trafficking of stolen artworks at the Specialization School for Police Forces, Rome
  • Occupational psychology training course for the SPRAR (Protection System for Refugees and Asylum Seekers) project managed by ARCI Rieti
  • Seminar for Psychoanalysts “Clinical work with adolescents: changes in technique” at the Roman Psychoanalytic Centre
  • Meeting between the European Commissioner for Agriculture Dacian Ciolo? and a delegation of Fedagri Confcooperative on the CAP reform
  • French-Italian annual debate organized by the Italian Psychoanalytic Society and the French Psychoanalytic Society
  • Occupational psychology training course for the SPRAR project managed by ARCI Rieti
  • Conference “Home sweet home … the right to housing is a human right” organized by Amnesty International during the World Habitat Day
  • Seminar for Psychoanalysts “The Maternal, the Body, the Ways of Transmission”
  • High-level meeting between Cisco Systems and senior officials of the Ministry of Defence
  • Presentation of Hands Off Cain Annual Report on the Death Penalty in the World
  • AISVEC (Italian Association for Economic Development) International Conference on “Strategies for Companies and Institutions”
  • CEPOL training course on museum surveillance systems at the School of Specialization of the Police Force
  • Taiwan: Development and Business and Commercial Opportunities, National Institute for Foreign Trade
  • Linguistic and cultural mediation on behalf of the SPRAR project managed by ARCI Rieti
  • B2B meetings between Italian and foreign companies at the ECR (European Congress of Radiology) technical exhibit 2011, Vienna
  • Handover of some letters by Giuseppe Mazzini to Undersecretary Gianni Letta during the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unification
  • Meeting between Jeremy Rifkin, the Mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno and other representatives of the Municipality of Rome


  • Award of the Roma per la pace Prize to Khady Koita by the Mayor Alemanno during the 2010 Christmas Concert
  • Conference “Reforming the Public Sector: How to Make the Difference” at the Public Administration School
  • Meeting of Mayor Alemanno with the Mayor of Rabat, Fathlallah Mr. Oualalou, and His Excellency HE the Ambassador of Morocco Hassan Abouyoub
  • Meeting of Mayor Alemanno with the Mayor of London Boris Johnson
  • Meeting of Mayor Alemanno with a delegation of the Anti-Defamation League
  • Meeting of Mayor Alemanno with international guests during the International Rome Film Festival
  • Meeting of Mayor Alemanno with Jewish writer Ron Leshem during the International Festival of Jewish Literature
  • High-level event in Campidoglio as part of Save the Children campaign “Every One”
  • Conference on Sustainable Mobility “Mobility and Information Technologies for Weak Demand Areas” organized by Lazio Region
  • Meeting of Mayor Alemanno with the Unica network
  • Niki’s Ryder Cup gala dinner
  • Meetings of the Mayor Alemanno with the International Olympic Committee during the 50th anniversary of the Olympics in Rome 1960-2010
  • Opening of the Exhibition on 1960 Rome Olympic Games Philately, Numismatics and Memorabilia
  • Meeting of Mayor Alemanno with GDF top executives
  • Meeting of Mayor Alemanno with the 3 NASA astronauts Terry W. Virts Jr., Kathryn P. Hire and Nicholas JM Patrick
  • Meeting of Mayor Alemanno with Noam Shalit, father of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit
  • One Hundred Days to 2010 Volleyball World Championships
  • Coliseum Event for the 4th anniversary of Rome’s honorary citizen Gilad Shalit abduction
  • CEPOL training course on the protection of the cultural heritage at the Specialization School for Police Forces
  • Meeting of Mayor Alemanno with architect Odile Decq at Macro Museum in Rome
  • Gala dinner organized by the architect Odile Decq at Macro Museum in Rome
  • Conference “Beyond GDP – New indicators of well-being and sustainable development”, organized by Fare Futuro Foundation
  • EIN Seminar “European Ideas Network and centre-right Think Tanks and Political Foundations in Europe”, at the Fare Futuro Foundation
  • Rome, 2010-2020: New models of urban transformation
  • Visit of an ABB delegation to ENEL power plant of Torre Valdaliga Nord, Civitavecchia
  • God of War III video game presentation of at Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Bilateral meetings between Italian and foreign companies as part of the Mediterranean Economic Forum organized by Confindustria, ICE (Institute for Foreign Trade) and ABI
  • Solarpraxis 2010
  • Meeting of 7 Camicie franchisees


  • Safe & Sober – Prevention and reduction of alcohol-related road accidents
  • Travelport corporate event
  • Doctors Without Borders Press Conference “Fighting against malnutrition: how much does the world really spend?”
  • “Women and business, a driving force for economic recovery”, organized by Confartigianato
  • European Youth Forum “I live I vote”
  • Siemens corporate event
  • Noah Falstein lesson at the European Institute of Design in Rome
  • Information day on the new transnational call 2010 for the “Food Agriculture and Fisheries and Biotechnology”
  • Poste Italiane corporate event
  • Meeting of the Investment Management Expert Group (CESR) at Consob
  • Solarpraxis 2009